Hello fellow learners and lovers of the Vietnamese language! Like all IziVieters you want to hear the life story of IziViet.

Jenny, our head teacher and founder, is a fighter and a lover of languages. She fought her way through high school and University despite being an orphan. Her father passed away when she was 3 and her mother raised her on her own. Life was tough but Jenny is hard working and made it to the top. Studying at University became a reality after being a dream for so many years.

It didn’t happen without stress nor anxiety but Jenny persevered. After graduating with a BA in English she started working in a kindergarten but soon realized where her passion lay: teaching yes but English no.

Teaching Vietnamese became her obsession and she started that journey in 2015. She loved every step of the way. Learning was book based in those days but over the years she developed new concepts to become a top teacher. Therefore after tutoring so many students, she saw the struggles and the successes. Jenny felt that the traditional method of teaching had to go out of the window. Being bold she threw herself in cold water and came out with a new vision!

Teaching Vietnamese focusing on pronunciation via listening to colloquial Vietnamese and watching videos about life in Saigon. Having met an older student swimming in the same river, they both decided to share their skills. They became close by collaborating online as Covid hit the world.

An epiphany came to them about starting a new teaching method for Vietnamese. Soon after came the birth of

IziViet – your easy way to your Vietnamese dream!

The best way to learn from beginners to advanced levels by roaming Saigon online and by immersing yourself in the language. Learning to speak Vietnamese and to progress in 3 easy steps. From practicing every day to planning private tutoring, everything is available -anytime online- with our top teacher Jenny.


IziViet is now a growing community steadily heading to englobe all Vietnamese lovers around the globe.


Come and join our journey! Be part of our community! Learn Vietnamese now!

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